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My series:
Super Mario Flash Challenge: 48 levels
Super Przem Bros: 48 levels
Super Przem Bros 2: 64 levels
Tank Challenge: 10 levels
Super Mario Flash Challenge 2: 99 levels

My special levels:
Gigantic Fortress – My 400th level|Gigantic Fortress II – My 500th level|Dark Desert Spikes – 20th Birthday Special

YouTube Channel:

My Badges:

Upcoming levels:
- Dark Desert Spikes – 20th Birthday Special(4th October)
- Super Classic World (Series)(11th October)

Status : Awesome Classic Level Maker

Age : 19
Location : Poland
Levels : 500
Rates : 8742
Website :
Fans/Friends : 1190

Favorite level makers : (complete list)

hammer bro

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09/01/2014 01:06 pm
Zeldamaster12 :

Oh, nice, a new series. Looking forward to it! :D

09/01/2014 07:25 am
Orangetack :

Have you ever got bored of level making?

09/01/2014 06:51 am
09dhowell :

WOW! Same as SMWR2! :D

09/01/2014 06:42 am
09dhowell :

Yay! New updates from the mighty Przem1994! Can't wait for your 20th Birthday Special and Super Classic World (I think I might have told you that name lol)

Will SCW have 98 levels? Then you'll make a 600th level special?

08/31/2014 02:43 pm

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